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An exciting event game where your aim is to correctly predict the future!

Do you have a logical brain? Are you a little bit competitive, do you have a great IQ? If yes to any of these questions, you will love this new game. The game will test your inner skills and hidden knowledge, and you just need to be a bit cleverer than your fellow competitors in order to earn + £1000 every month.

The next game is planned for March 1st, and to get involved for the next game, just register and commit to playing the March game when you log on. We will only start the March game when 50 players have committed to the game, and although the maximum points per game is 145, the winners in the previous games have won with as little as 24 points – it’s that easy !

Join today and whilst enjoying the game, you will be working towards earning £1000.00 per month.

Good Luck and we look forward to testing your hidden abilities.

Object Of the Game

Correctly answer a general knowledge question in order to access the 'Prediction Zone' then correctly predict the outcome of a short video event once per day.

Try and correctly predict the outcome of all 28 video events and be at the top of the Prediction Time leaderboard after 28 days. The player at the end of the 28 days with the highest prediction Time score will win the Prediction Time prize.

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